Jinjiang Rundo Textile Co.,LTD.is specialized in weaving and production of swimming suit, fitness, yoga clothes, leisure and other sports products of foreign enterprises. Founded in 1993, the plant covers an area of 30000 square meters, with all kinds of imported advanced production equipment, weaving machinery. Strong swimsuit, fitness, Yu Ga, leisure and other clothing technology strength and rich experience in management. High-quality management personnel and produce a fixed staff of 800 people and bleaching and dyeing, cloth, printing, embroidery and coordination, close to the raw material supply distribution and other good industry links.

      Our company is located in the southeast coastal tone clothing towns & mdash; & mdash; Jinjiang City Jin Jing Zhen Dong Huan Industrial Park, North squat Shishi, Jinjiang, East according to Shanghai and Shenzhen and confining the pier head, South Lin Jin Jing, West even Anhai, Jinjiang Airport 15 kilometers away. Location is superior, the traffic makes, the size of the container truck can reach the factory.

      Founded at the beginning of the company, adhering to the "careful choice of materials, careful production, full concentric, continuous innovation, customer trust, brand Yongxing" development philosophy, and constantly open up ahead, research and development of new products, develop new markets, has now developed as a set of functional fabrics, cotton, polyester / polyurethane surface, nylon cloth, nylon cloth and swimwear, fitness, sports until clothing series of products R & D, design, production and processing, trading Yixiu comprehensive foreign-funded enterprises. In 1800 tons of annual production of more than tons of fabrics, the production of a variety of fabrics, fitness, yoga, leisure and other sports products more than 800. Products are exported to all over the country and the United States, Western Europe, South Korea, the Middle East and other overseas markets, as well as Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, taiwan.

Sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit, let us work together, to develop new markets, new heights, with the brilliant cast.